Noise Pollution


Noise pollution might not be the first type of pollution that springs to mind but is very much a concern due to its effects on human and animal health. Noise pollution is really any type of noise that causes stress or discomfort in humans or animals though we tend to refer to the outdoor variety rather than noise from loud televisions or other domestic noises. Common sources of environmental noise pollution include industry, construction and transport.

Exposure to noise can cause increased blood pressure and stress in humans which can contribute to coronary artery disease while animals can suffer from behavioural and reproductive problems as well as hearing loss. As animals try to retreat from noise they often find themselves competing for smaller and smaller available spaces which ultimately can contribute to the extinction of entire species.

There are many ways to reduce noise and the transport industry in particular has made many advances in producing quieter engines for vehicles and aircraft as well as quieter tyres and brakes. Major roads now often have noise reducing surfaces and barriers to lessen the impact on nearby residents. The machines used in industry are now generally quieter than their predecessors and noisier industries are now usually kept well away from housing through zoning laws.

Oceans of Noise

Oceans of Noise

The undersea noise issue has steadily increased in crescendo with a greater awareness of the potential effects on marine mammals of military sonars, seismic surveys, shipping and boat traffic, oceanographic experiments, as well as other noise sources. What has made the noise problem so intractable, though, is the inherent difficulty in studying marine mammals, particularly […]

Mobile Phones Upgraded to Monitor Noise Pollution

Mobile Phones Upgraded to Monitor Noise Pollution

A LOUD MESSAGE: An official of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board points a sound level meter at a passing bus on Avinashi Road during a crackdown on vehicles using high decibel air-horns in the city. Mobile phones will soon be upgraded to monitor noise pollution. Nicolas Maisonneuve of the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in […]

The Baiji-Chinese River Dolphins Disappearance


Noise pollution caused the nearly blind river dolphin to collide with propellers. Ship traffic, in the Yangtze River in China multiplied, boats grew in size, and fishermen employed wider and more lethal nets. Stocks of the dolphin’s prey declined drastically in recent decades as well, with some fish populations declining to one thousandth of their […]