Join Sustainable Table & Give a Fork!

Join Sustainable Table & Give a Fork!

Here’s your chance to make a real difference by joining Sustainable Table in showing that you Give a Fork! about what’s on your plate.

Give a Fork! is our inaugural fundraising campaign, with a focus this year on seafood.  Australians love spending hot summer days on the beach and there is nothing like a seafood cook up with the crew.  But the raw truth is that decades of global mismanagement, overfishing and pollution have reduced many species’ populations to the brink of extinction.

Despite the alarming facts there is hope. We can still save the oceans and preserve fish for future generations if we act now.

Get a group of friends together during 7-14th of October and host a sustainable seafood dinner party. We’ll provide you with a host pack and all the resources to cook a delicious sustainable seafood dinner.

Get hooked on the issues so that you can make ethical and environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to consuming seafood.

If you’re a vegetarian you can still participate because as Barton Seaver once said, “Want to save more fish?  Eat more broccoli!” image/article from : read more >>

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