Pollution News week ending December 7th 2014

pollution news

The news items and blog posts that got our attention this week: From theguardian.com: Air pollution costs Britain £10bn a year, report shows Britain is third highest contributor to air pollution that costs Europe up to £149bn a year, says EU agency report. From dosomething.org: 11 Facts About Factory Farms and the Environment Factory farming […]

Pollution News week ending November 23rd 2014


Some of the articles and blog posts we read this week: From naturalnews.com: Olive oil protects heart from air pollution, lowers blood … New studies find that the olive oil component of the popular Mediterranean diet helps to protect against the damaging effects of environmental pollution and lower blood pressure in folks who consume it […]

Pollution News week ending October 12th 2014


All of the articles and blog posts we checked out this week: From scmp.com: Air pollution slows growth of children’s lungs, says UK study The preliminary analysis of a six-year study done in Britain indicates that children exposed to nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter have slower lung growth.. From carbonbrief.org: How air pollution caused Europe’s […]