Copşa Mică‪ – One of the Most Polluted Cities in Europe‬

Copşa Mică‪ - One of the Most Polluted Cities in Europe‬

The Copşa Mică works were two factories in the Transylvanian town of Copşa Mică, Sibiu County, Romania. The two were the town’s principal employers, but combined, they made it among the most polluted places in Eastern Europe. Soot from Carbosin encased Copşa Mică in a black covering, while metals from Sometra suffused the air, water […]

Potential Ecocide – Hydraulic fracturing

Potential Ecocide - Hydraulic fracturing

It is the task of the court to clarify if a certain case of environmental destruction is ecocide. According to the draft directive, first it must be certified that an ecosystem was damaged (an ecosystem is a community of living organisms and their environment which build a system exchanging matter and energy). Then, a test […]

Costa Concordia Salvage Operation

Costa Concordia Salvage Operation

One of the major problems for engineers to tackle later today is water pollution. The ship’s food holds were packed to capacity for its 4,200 passengers and crew when it crashed. This included 24,000lbs of fish, 1,500 gallons of ice cream in tubs and  11,000 eggs. There were also 17,000lbs of raw beef and 1,000 […]