Pollution News week ending June 21st 2015


The blog posts and news articles we’ve been reading this week: From theverge.com: Projecting crying babies onto pollution is a great way to sell air purifiers A Chinese firm that sells air purifiers has decided to highlight the dangers of pollution by projecting images of crying children onto clouds of smoke emerging from factory towers. […]

Pollution News week ending August 17th 2014


All the blog posts and news items that caught our attention this week: From rawstory.com: Keystone XL pipeline may create more pollution than previously thought Researchers from the Stockholm Environment Institute used a mathematical model to estimate the Keystone XL pipeline’s potential for atmospheric pollution and they took into account the likely increase in consumption. […]

Pollution News week ending October 27th 2013

pollution news

The news and views from the blogosphere that caught our eye this week: From phys.org Mon 21 Oct: US carbon dioxide pollution down 3.8 percent (Update) The United States cut its energy-related carbon dioxide pollution by 3.8 percent last year, the second biggest drop since 1990, the Department of Energy said Monday. From qz.com Mon […]