Pollution News week ending November 30th 2014


The blog posts and articles we’ve been reading this week: From rt.com: Industrial pollution turning Canadian lakes into ‘jelly’ The Canadian lakes are slowly but steadily turning into jelly since the industrial pollution has given jelly-clad organisms an edge over their calcium-protected competitors, researchers say. From dohanews.com: Ministry of Environment launches campaign to clean up […]

Pollution News week ending October 26th 2014


All the blog posts and articles that caught our eye this week: From theguardian.com: Ice loss sends Alaskan temperatures soaring by 7C Scientists analysing more than three decades of weather data for the northern Alaskan outpost of Barrow have linked 7C rise to the decline in Arctic sea ice. From grist.org: The Chinese people care […]

Noise Pollution – an Increasing Threat in Oceans

Noise Pollution - an Increasing Threat in Oceans

NOISE pollution is posing an increasing threat in oceans by deafening marine animals, forcing global shipping regulators to find ways to solve the problem. Seismic surveys for oil and gas exploration and military sonar are already restricted because of the dangers of the high intensity sound bursts damaging the senses used by whales and other […]