Humans are so Disgusting. Look at all this Waste!

Humans are so Disgusting. Look at all this Waste!

“Humans are so disgusting. Look at all this waste!” After an encounter with a fishing trawler (which is being used to clean up the trash-strewn bottom of the harbour), Ponyo ends up stuck in a bottle. She drifts to the shore of a small fishing town and is found and rescued by a small boy […]

Seal Trapped in Plastic Pollution

Seal trapped in plastic pollution

Before we develop further the realities and consequences of the plastic-covered beaches, seafloor and plastic-instilled seawater, it is necessary to present simple facts about plastic itself. Only in 1997, with Captain Charles Moore’s discovery, was the plastic waste pollution in the ocean widely brought to media light and finally began to receive more serious attention […]

Pollution News week ending September 29th 2013


Another week, another round up of the news and articles that caught our eye this week; From mon 23 Sep: Olympic medal mining firm Rio Tinto faces air pollution lawsuit in US British mining company that provided gold, silver and bronze for London 2012 Olympics sued over claims of ‘illegal air pollution’ From […]