Pollution News week ending November 2nd 2014


All the articles and blog posts that caught our eye this week: From theguardian.com: Inside the lonely fight against the biggest environmental problem you’ve never heard of In 2011, an ecologist released an alarming study showing that tiny clothing fibers could be the biggest source of plastic in our oceans. From engadget.com: Scientists find a […]

Oceans of Noise

Oceans of Noise

The undersea noise issue has steadily increased in crescendo with a greater awareness of the potential effects on marine mammals of military sonars, seismic surveys, shipping and boat traffic, oceanographic experiments, as well as other noise sources. What has made the noise problem so intractable, though, is the inherent difficulty in studying marine mammals, particularly […]

The Baiji-Chinese River Dolphins Disappearance


Noise pollution caused the nearly blind river dolphin to collide with propellers. Ship traffic, in the Yangtze River in China multiplied, boats grew in size, and fishermen employed wider and more lethal nets. Stocks of the dolphin’s prey declined drastically in recent decades as well, with some fish populations declining to one thousandth of their […]