Pollution News week ending June 14th 2015


The news snippets, articles and blog posts we read this week: From rt.com: ​’Bees with Alzheimer’s?’ Aluminium pollution linked to dementia in bees The decline in the bee population could be caused by the insect’s high contamination of aluminum, a chemical element implicated as a factor in Alzheimer’s disease in humans, a new study has […]

Pollution News week ending May 18th 2014


All the news and views that caught our attention this week: From fastcoexist.com: Air Pollution Is Lowering IQs & Earning Potential of New York Children The city could improve education programs all they want, but kids who are most exposed to dangerous air pollution are starting from behind already and will earn less in their […]

Pollution News week ending April 27th 2014


All the news, blogs and articles we’ve been reading this week: From greencareports.com: Tesla Gigafactory seeks North American raw materials to cut pollution All cars require raw materials and energy to produce, to mitigate pollution issues and increase supply chain transparency, Tesla will source raw battery materials from North America only, when it opens its […]