Light-Pollution Abatement


Cinzano Canada Image, showing Light Polluted Areas. White areas, are very heavily light polluted.   Black=”dark sky” and  White =”light polluted”. The goal of the RASC Light-Pollution Abatement (LPA) Program is to reduce the levels of light pollution in urban and rural areas by advising Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments and departments along with business and […]

Pollution News week ending June 30th 2013

Thou Shalt Not Frack – Fracking’s the New Normal

Environmental and pollution news and articles that caught our eye this last week: From Tue 25 Jun 2013: Study links fracking to drinking water pollution Water wells close to natural-gas operations in Pennsylvania were more likely than others to be contaminated with dissolved methane and other gases, researchers found. From Tue 25 Jun […]