Pollution News week ending August 24th 2014


All the articles and posts that we found ourselves reading this week: From environmentalleader.com: Carbon Pollution Threatens Fishing Industry In addition to carbon pollution harming fisheries, plastic waste causes $13 billion in annual financial damage to marine ecosystems, though the actual cost of plastic waste to the overall environment may be much higher. From tucsonnewsnow.com: […]

Pollution News week ending October 6th


Looking at the news and views on environmental issues from around the world this week. From psmag.org Mon 30 Sep: Now We’ve Found Plastics in Space (and It’s Not Pollution) For the first time ever, molecules of plastic have been found outside of planet Earth. From wigantoday.net Mon 30 Sep: Sponges’ pollution solution SMART sponges […]

Pollution News week ending September 15th 2013


Taking another look at the news and articles that caught our attention this week: From mnn.com Mon 09 Sep: Pollution in Florida’s Lake Okeechobee swells to near-disaster levels Fed by heavy rains, the overfilled lake is about to burst — which could spell disaster. From theatlanticities Mon 09 Sep: China’s Newest Market Opportunity: Pollution Control […]