Pollution News week ending August 24th 2014


All the articles and posts that we found ourselves reading this week: From environmentalleader.com: Carbon Pollution Threatens Fishing Industry In addition to carbon pollution harming fisheries, plastic waste causes $13 billion in annual financial damage to marine ecosystems, though the actual cost of plastic waste to the overall environment may be much higher. From tucsonnewsnow.com: […]

Pollution News week ending June 15th 2014


All the pollution news and views we’ve been reading this week: From goodnewsnetwork.org: Smog-busting Roof Tiles Could Clean Tons of Pollution University of California researchers at Riverside say they have demonstrated an inexpensive roof coating that gobbles up smog-forming pollutants and, if widely adopted, could clean tons of air pollution each day. From fao.org: Fisheries: […]