Seal Trapped in Plastic Pollution

Seal trapped in plastic pollution

Before we develop further the realities and consequences of the plastic-covered beaches, seafloor and plastic-instilled seawater, it is necessary to present simple facts about plastic itself. Only in 1997, with Captain Charles Moore’s discovery, was the plastic waste pollution in the ocean widely brought to media light and finally began to receive more serious attention […]

Great Barrier Reef to be Placed on “World Heritage in Danger” List?

Great Barrier Reef to be Placed on "World Heritage in Danger" List?

The World Heritage Committee, currently meeting for its annual session in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, has been tasked with determining if the Great Barrier Reef is in trouble. UNESCO raised concerns about the level of development along the Queensland coast and its impact on the World Heritage site, including water quality and the loss […]

Join Sustainable Table & Give a Fork!

Join Sustainable Table & Give a Fork!

Here’s your chance to make a real difference by joining Sustainable Table in showing that you Give a Fork! about what’s on your plate. Give a Fork! is our inaugural fundraising campaign, with a focus this year on seafood.  Australians love spending hot summer days on the beach and there is nothing like a seafood […]