Pollution News week ending March 1st 2015


All of the blogs and news items we read this week: From theblaze.com: India’s Air Pollution Death Toll: More Than 1 Billion Years of Life New research estimates India’s air pollution is cutting 660 million lives short by three years on average. The study published Saturday in the Economic & Political Weekly highlights the extensiveness […]

Pollution News week ending July 6th 2014


All the news and views from this polluted world this week: From takepart.com: Ocean Plastic Pollution Costs $13 Billion a Year, and Your Face is part of the Problem Other problems include chemical pollution, the spread of harmful invasive species that travel on plastic debris, and economic damage to fishing and tourism industries. From phys.org: […]

Pollution News week ending December 1st 2013


The articles and blog posts that caught our eye this week: From dissidentvoice.org: The Largest Source of Unregulated Methyl Mercury Pollution Today Arctic ice may be melting. The methane levels may be rising, ice shelves breaking off with every news bulletin. Here is one thing that some of those obscene. From triplepundit.com: Shell Puts an […]