Pollution News week ending January 4th 2015


Wishing our readers a Happy New Year – The news and views that caught our attention this week: From inquisitr.com: Electric Cars Worse For Health, Environment Unfortunately, when a wire is connected to an electric vehicle at one end and a coal-fired power plant at the other end, the environmental consequences are worse than driving […]

Pollution News week ending September 21st 2014


All the pollution news, blog posts and articles that we read this week: From care2.com: The Top 5 Most Polluted Countries in the World The WHO has released a new study ranking countries with the worst air pollution. When we consider air pollution most of us will automatically think of China. However, it was nowhere […]

Pollution News week ending April 27th 2014


All the news, blogs and articles we’ve been reading this week: From greencareports.com: Tesla Gigafactory seeks North American raw materials to cut pollution All cars require raw materials and energy to produce, to mitigate pollution issues and increase supply chain transparency, Tesla will source raw battery materials from North America only, when it opens its […]