Pollution News week ending November 30th 2014


The blog posts and articles we’ve been reading this week: From rt.com: Industrial pollution turning Canadian lakes into ‘jelly’ The Canadian lakes are slowly but steadily turning into jelly since the industrial pollution has given jelly-clad organisms an edge over their calcium-protected competitors, researchers say. From dohanews.com: Ministry of Environment launches campaign to clean up […]

Pollution News week ending May 18th 2014


All the news and views that caught our attention this week: From fastcoexist.com: Air Pollution Is Lowering IQs & Earning Potential of New York Children The city could improve education programs all they want, but kids who are most exposed to dangerous air pollution are starting from behind already and will earn less in their […]

Pollution News week ending December 1st 2013


The articles and blog posts that caught our eye this week: From dissidentvoice.org: The Largest Source of Unregulated Methyl Mercury Pollution Today Arctic ice may be melting. The methane levels may be rising, ice shelves breaking off with every news bulletin. Here is one thing that some of those obscene. From triplepundit.com: Shell Puts an […]