Pollution News week ending February 22nd 2015


All the news items, snippets and blog posts that we got to read this week: From treehugger.com: When bus drivers strike, air pollution plummets London’s recent bus strike has shown just how much air pollution buses cause, giving us one more incentive to invest in 21st century transit. From abc30.com: Google map shows lead pollution […]

Pollution News week ending December 28th 2014


Some pollution news items and blog posts from around the world this week: From mnn.com: Superbugs, pollution loom large for Rio Olympics A sailing test in August reportedly saw Australian Olympic champion Nathan Outteridge colliding with a dead dog, while other competitors reported having to steer clear of cat carcasses, rats and other detritus. From naturalnews.com: Air […]

Pollution News week ending May 25th 2014

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All the pollution related news and views we read this week: From yle.fi: Finland swept by fine particle pollution Air currents from the southeast are showering Finland with traffic and industrial pollution from Russia, Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. From huffingtonpost.com: Brazil Won’t Clean Up Water Pollution In Guanabara Bay By 2016 Authorities pledged to cut […]