Pollution News week ending October 26th 2014


All the blog posts and articles that caught our eye this week: From theguardian.com: Ice loss sends Alaskan temperatures soaring by 7C Scientists analysing more than three decades of weather data for the northern Alaskan outpost of Barrow have linked 7C rise to the decline in Arctic sea ice. From grist.org: The Chinese people care […]

Pollution News week ending August 3rd 2014


All the pollution news articles and blog posts that caught our eye this week: From scientificamerican.com: Roadside Shrubs Could Sink Carbon Pollution Shrubs, grasses, and other plants already along roads in U.S. National Parks, wildlife refuges, and other public lands currently are capturing about 7 million metric tons of carbon each year. From thetimes.co.uk Diesel […]

Pollution News week ending July 20th 2014


The articles and blog posts that we found ourselves reading this week: From yle.fi: Beep, beep: Mobile lifestyles amp up noise pollution The beeps, ring tones and audio notifications that accompany our increasingly mobile lifestyles are making themselves heard in the environment and more so in public transportation. From gizmag.com: Smartphone sensor generates crowdsourced pollution […]