Principles & Policy

Land, water and air make up The Earth’s environment and fragile ecosystems. Pollution affects the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the organisms in rivers, lakes and oceans all over the world. Pollution harms human health and the natural environment.

Poopy is a movement against all forms of pollution and recognizes that the biodiversity of the planet is necessary and irreplaceable.

Our Vision:
Our key is to not only manage environmental problems, but eliminate them. We want a healthy environment for all trophic levels, from the smallest microcosm of life to the great blue whale.

Poopy anticipates a future with humans “leaving no trace” on the waters and lands they live by and travel across.

The Solution & Strategy: acts a resource of useful information to help people engage and participate in conservation efforts. Poopy offers awareness and promotes taking action on solutions.

The brand Poopy is a symbol of “promoting sustainable lifestyle habits”, and encourages people to show support, buy a shirt and join the cause. Wearing the Poopy brand is wearing what you care about, and a means to express yourself  and share the desire for fundamental social change.