Pollution News week ending September 29th 2013

Another week, another round up of the news and articles that caught our eye this week;

From theguardian.com mon 23 Sep:
Olympic medal mining firm Rio Tinto faces air pollution lawsuit in US
British mining company that provided gold, silver and bronze for London 2012 Olympics sued over claims of ‘illegal air pollution’

From planetsave.com Mon 23 Sep:
New NASA Map Shows Where You Are Most Likely To Die From Air Pollution
Each year millions of premature deaths world-wide result from various forms of air pollution. 

From grist.org Mon 23 Sep:
Chevron scores legal and PR victories in Ecuador pollution case
Ecuador’s president has a new “Chevron’s Dirty Hand” campaign to protest the company’s refusal to pay for its mess, but Chevron is still winning the war.

From rawstory.com Tue 24 Sep:
European Union backs push for airline pollution agreement
The EU on Tuesday urged nations to accept a compromise on plans to curb airline carbon emissions at a key UN conference, though resistance to striking an overall deal remains fierce. 

From theenergycollective.com Tue 24 Sep:
EPA Carbon Pollution Rules Development
The Environmental Protection Agency has launched proposed standards to limit dangerous carbon pollution from new power plants. 

From qz.com: Wed 25 Sep:
China’s plans to cut coal pollution will unleash another disaster!
Think China’s coal-fired power plants are dirty? You haven’t seen anything yet. The country plans to build up to 40 massive projects to convert coal to synthetic natural gas (SNG), a process that would dramatically increase greenhouse emissions.

From treehugger.com Wed 25 Sep:
Air pollution in São Paulo kills more people than car accidents, breast cancer and Aids combined
While annual deaths from traffic accidents alone is quite high, it actually pales in comparison to another way cars are killing people.

From northeastern.edu Thu 26 Sep:
From plastic pollution to sustainable skateboards
Bureo Skateboards, an IDEA venture, uses recycled plastic waste recovered from Chilean beaches to produce a unique and sustainable skateboard deck.

From globalanimal.org Thu 26 Sep:
Sea Turtle Populations Plummet Due To Plastic Pollution
Scientists have found that 50 percent of all sea turtles are ingesting plastic, and this number is only increasing as plastic pollution continues to surge. 

From ehstoday.com Fri 27 Sep:
Coal-Fired Plants Take a Hit in Proposed EPA Carbon Pollution Standards
New standards proposed by the EPA would make it impossible to build traditional coal-fired power plants. 

From businessinsider.com Fri 27 Sep:
Chinese City Devasted by Pollution
Wuhai city used to be based around grapes, wine-making, and dairy farming. Now, its economy is based around coal mining, power plants, and chemical industries.

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