Pollution News week ending September 22nd 2013

Lets look at some of the news and articles that caught our eye this week:

From huffingtonpost.com Mon 16 Sep:
Don’t Let the Industry Frack the Facts About Methane pollution
The fossil fuel industry desperately wants to get us hooked to its latest product before we have time to adequately study it.

From fastcoexist.com Mon 16 Sep:
The 50 Dirtiest Power Plants In The U.S. Generate More pollution than most countries
Looking for an easy fix to our emissions problem: Start with this list of pollution-spewing coal-fired power plants.

From smithsonianmag.com Mon 16 Sep:
Blue Whale Earwax Reveals pollution Accumulated Over a Lifetime
Earwax collected from a beached whale shows that the creature ingested a host of toxins, such as DDT and mercury, throughout its life.

From politico.com Tue 17 Sep:
Opinion: The era of unlimited carbon pollution is over
This week, the Environmental Protection Agency will move against climate change by continuing the job it was created to do, 40 years ago, by a bipartisan Congress.

From harvard.edu Wed 21 Aug:
Removing indoor pollution
Researcher helps create sun-powered solution to toxic air in many lands.

From odt.co.nz Thu 19 Sep:
Burn-offs put smoke pollution issue front and centre
The Otago Regional Council had no ”quick fix” to remedy air pollution caused by outdoor burn-offs – described as a ”significant issue” across the Otago and Central Otago regions.

From eco-business.com Thu 19 Sep:
China resolved to fight against air pollution
Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli has called for resolute and steady efforts to combat air pollution in heavily-polluted areas surrounding the country’s capital.

From motherjones.com Fri 20 Sep:
Here’s Where You’re Most Likely to Die From Air pollution
This story first appeared on the Atlantic Cities website and is reproduced as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Where on earth are you most likely to die early from air pollution?

From epa.gov Fri 20 Sep:
EPA Proposes Carbon pollution Standards for New Power Plants
EPA Proposes Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants / Agency takes important step to reduce carbon pollution from power plants as part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan.

From seattlepi.com Sat 21 Sep:
Pollution rule hurts coal, helps other sources
Tough new limits on the amount of heat-trapping emissions new power plants can emit will likely accelerate a shift away from coal-fired power and toward electricity generated with natural gas, wind and sunshine.

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