Pollution News week ending September 15th 2013

Taking another look at the news and articles that caught our attention this week:

From mnn.com Mon 09 Sep:
Pollution in Florida’s Lake Okeechobee swells to near-disaster levels
Fed by heavy rains, the overfilled lake is about to burst — which could spell disaster.

From theatlanticities Mon 09 Sep:
China’s Newest Market Opportunity: Pollution Control
DIY entrepreneurs have developed ingenious—and affordable—products to satisfy the public’s insatiable demand for pure air.

From qz.com Mon 09 Sep:
Is pollution in China ratcheting up infertility?
Longtime opponents of China’s one-child policy can stick this feather in their cap: Infertility is rising and at this point, the causes can’t be easily reversed.

From rawstory.com Tue 10 Sep:
Chevron brings up ‘new evidence’ to fight $19 billion pollution fine
U.S. oil giant Chevron, hit in Ecuador with a record $19 billion fine for pollution, asked Monday for the court to consider what it claimed was “new evidence” the judge in the case was corrupt. 

From cleantechnica.com Tue 10 Sep:
Pacific Flights Result In Higher Levels Of Ozone Pollution
Flights that originate and terminate in Pacific airspace result in the creation of far higher levels of ozone pollution than those that originate and terminate in other parts of the world, new research shows.

From permaculturenews.org Tue 10 Sep:
Purple Root Water Hyacinth – A Natural Remedy for Pollution
A weed that has spread from South America to many tropical and semi-tropical countries now developed by Chinese scientists into a variety that is far less invasive and very effective at cleaning heavily polluted lakes and rivers.

From grist.org Tue 10 Sep:
Nearly 48,000 suing BP over toxic pollution from Texas refinery
BP vented 500000 pounds of chemicals from a refinery in 2010. Now it’s being sued by neighbors who had to breathe that carcinogenic cocktail.

From abc27.com Tue 10 Sep:
Pa. ranks 3rd in global warming pollution, coal is blamed
Coal is king in Pennsylvania when it comes to producing electricity. But it’s also a royal producer of pollution linked to global warming.

From scmp.com Thu 12 Sep:
China unveils tough measures to combat air pollution
The mainland yesterday unveiled its first comprehensive plan to fight air pollution, promising significant improvements in air quality in key regions by 2017. 

From sltrib.com Thu 12 Sep:
Utah air panel OKs regulations to reduce soot pollution
Utah air-quality regulators on Wednesday approved a draft plan to clean up Wasatch Front air in compliance with federal standards by the end of 2019.

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