Pollution News week ending October 20th 2013

Pollution news and views that came to our attention this week:

From tvnz.co.nz Mon 14 Oct:
Farm receives record fine for dairy pollution
Fenwick Farms has been handed the largest ever fine imposed for deliberately discharging dairy effluent into a stream in the Waikato region.

From nrdc.org Tue 15 Oct:
Supreme Court Rejects Challenges to Climate Science and EPA
The Supreme Court today rejected last-ditch efforts by industry and conservative states to block EPA from setting standards to curb the carbon pollution that drives dangerous climate change. 

From huffingpost.com Tue 15 Oct:
Europe’s Air Pollution Spurred By Growing Use Of Wood Fires And Diesel Cars
Air pollution is dangerously high across many parts of Europe, resulting in premature deaths, ill health and huge economic losses linked to reduced crop yields.

From Europa.eu Tue 15 Oct:
Air pollution still harming health across Europe
Around 90 % of city dwellers in the European Union (EU) are exposed to one of the most damaging air pollutants at levels deemed harmful to health by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

From nbcnews Thu 17 Oct:
Beijing introduces new rules to curb car use on bad pollution days
With last winter’s “Airpocalypse” still fresh in Beijing officials’ minds, politicians have introduced new guidelines for dealing with so-called “bad-air” days. 

From phys.org Fri Oct 18:
What amphibians tell us about arsenic levels in the environment
Amphibians living in an old mine tailings site near Upper Seal Harbour, Nova Scotia, show high levels of arsenic after being tested using synchrotron light.

From theenergyollective.com sat 19 Oct:
Soot Pollution and Asserted Cancer Link
A new report from the World Health Organization’s cancer research agency has recently announced the classification of outdoor air pollution and particulate matter as known human carcinogens.

From myscienceacademy.org Sat 19 Oct:
The Devastating Effects of Pollution in China (Video)
The coal-mining town of Linfen in Shanxi Province, China, is the single most polluted place on earth, where kids play in dirty rivers and the sun sets early behind a thick curtain of smog.

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