Pollution News week ending October 19th 2014

All of the articles and blog posts we read this week from around our polluted world:

from truthdig.com:
Air Pollution Compounds Effects of Climate Change
Reduced monsoon rainfall and increased river flow are two extremes that new research has linked to man-made impacts on climate caused by air pollution.

From ecowho.com:
China pollution levels hit 20 times safe limit
Visibility dropped dramatically as small pollutant particles reached dangerous levels in northern China’s Hebei province.

From summitcountyvoice.com:
Study: Cutting carbon pollution pays off in a big way
Study shows how cutting carbon pollution pays huge dividends by reducing health care costs. ‘Carbon-reduction policies significantly improve air quality’.

From takingnote.blogs.nytimes.com:
The Candidate Who Wants More Pollution in Iowa
Joni Ernst, the Republican Senate candidate, wants people to fear the federal government more than they fear what’s coming out of their faucet.

From sinosphere.blogs.nytimes.com:
Soccer and Cycling Stars Face Grim Pollution in Beijing
Pollution levels in recent days have surpassed guidelines set by the World Health Organization, causing activists to call for better pollution forecasting.

From environmentalleader.com:
EPA Funds Reduce Water Pollution, Increase E-Waste Recycling
The EPA has awarded more than $8.6 million in grants to fund environmental improvement projects to reduce water pollution and increase e-waste recycling along the US–Mexico border.

From blogs.scientificamerican.com:
Cutting Global Warming Pollution Just Business as Usual
Fewer than 200 global companies are leading the world in responding to climate change, including U.S. technology giants Apple, Google and Microsoft.

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