Pollution News week ending October 12th 2014

All of the articles and blog posts we checked out this week:

From scmp.com:
Air pollution slows growth of children’s lungs, says UK study
The preliminary analysis of a six-year study done in Britain indicates that children exposed to nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter have slower lung growth..

From carbonbrief.org:
How air pollution caused Europe’s rivers to fill
Air pollution from Europe resulted in a 25 per cent increase in river flows in Poland and Germany during the late 20th century, a new study finds.

From psu.edu:
Air pollution and the ocean
Scientists have a good understanding of how air pollution impacts human health and the terrestrial biosphere, but what impact does air pollution have on oceans?

From theecologist.org:
Ban halogen bulbs to cut costs, pollution, and ‘keep the lights on’
There’s a simple thing we can do to cut everybody’s electricity bills, reduce pollution and ‘keep the lights on’ when demand peaks – phase out power-guzzling halogen bulbs and replace them with LEDs.

From edf.org:
EDF launches initiative to reduce fertilizer pollution
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has launched a new, collaborative initiative to eliminate fertilizer pollution as a major environmental concern in the United States.

From phys.org:
Revolutionary system monitors water pollution
Scientists are developing a real-time monitoring system for offshore aquaculture, so fish and shellfish farmers can be warned in time and prevent epidemic.

From nairaland.com:
Noise Pollution: Lagos To Observe Horn Free Day October 15th
The observance of the Horn Free Day is expected to reduce noise pollution from the use of the horn, improve road courtesy and improve lane discipline.

From smithsonianmag.com:
To Limit Pollution, The Chinese Are Faced With Giving Up Fireworks
Pollution has become a serious problem for Beijing in recent years due to more and more cars on the road, building construction, and other pollution sources.


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