Pollution News week ending November 23rd 2014

Some of the articles and blog posts we read this week:

From naturalnews.com:
Olive oil protects heart from air pollution, lowers blood …
New studies find that the olive oil component of the popular Mediterranean diet helps to protect against the damaging effects of environmental pollution and lower blood pressure in folks who consume it alongside nitrate-rich vegetables.

From care2.com:
7 Worst Foods for the Environment
Fast food is not just bad for you, but the way it’s packaged is bad for the environment. Think of all the straws, bags, paper boxes, plastic wrappers and separately wrapped condiments that your typical fast meal comes with.

From petapixel.com:
Man Took the Exact Same Picture Every Day for a Year to Record Pollution
When you put a full year, 365 days worth, of pictures together into one massive diptych, the point about surrounding area air pollution becomes unavoidable.

From smithsonianmag.com:
Drop This Capsule Into a Stream and It Will Screen For Pollution
Researchers have developed a sensor (no batteries required) that creates a barcode indicating the amount of pollutants and their whereabouts in water.

From brooklynpaper.com:
Greenpoint activist pushing air-monitor necklaces
Greenpoint residents might soon be transformed into scientific researchers just by putting on a necklace. A technologically minded activist has created an air-pollution detector that he hopes to get locals to wear.

From whitehouse.gov:
The U.S. and China Just Announced Important New Carbon Reduction Actions
President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping made history by jointly announcing the United States’ and China’s respective targets for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change in the post-2020 period.

From express.co.uk:
Cut air pollution to save 29000 lives, UK told
Britain was yesterday ordered to cut air pollution in a bid to save an estimated 29000 lives a year.

From theguardian.com:
London air pollution isn’t the world’s worst
The mayor of London’s view on Oxford Street’s air pollution has not changed, contrary to your report.The claim that it is the most polluted street in the world was erroneous and the mayor does not accept it.

From express.co.uk:
Venice bans wheelie suitcases because of noise pollution
Venice has taken the unusual step of banning tourists from using wheelie suitcases – because they are causing noise pollution.

From myscienceacademy.org:
32 Photos That Shows How Bad Pollution Has Become in China
With China’s new elite and economic growth of more than 10%, the environment was forced to take a back seat. It’s the most populous country on earth and it is starting to show increased incidences of birth defects and other effects.

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