Pollution News week ending November 17th 2013

Pollution news and articles from around the world this week:

From londonist.com:
Air Pollution Death Rates Rising In Half London Boroughs
London’s death rate from particulate air pollution is higher than England’s in general but rates in the country as a whole are falling…

From rt.com:
Pianist faces 7-year sentence for noise pollution
A 27-year-old Spanish pianist learned practicing her chops was more than a petty nuisance for her nerve-wracked neighbor.

From phys.org:
Green roofs may be a source of pollution
Green roofs could become a future source of water pollution, says a new study.

From grist.org:
Pee-powered pollution robots are the future
As long as the EcoBot isn’t equipped with a sense of smell, it should be just fine.

From digitaltrends.com:
EVs might be more damaging than you think
EVs have been sold on eco-friendliness, which has created a great deal of smugness. But EVs can harm the planet far more than gasoline- or diesel-powered cars.

From dailykos.com:
Walmart’s green energy claims mask climate pollution at oil company levels
“The company’s carbon pollution is up 14 percent while it pours millions of dollars into a misleading PR campaign around sustainability…”

From cleantechnica.com:
Beijing to Fight Air Pollution by Making 40% of All New Cars Hybrids
In an attempt to fight China’s terrible air pollution problems, Beijing gov’t is taking steps to make sure that up to 40% of new cars are “clean” hybrids.

From hoosieragtoday.com:
Is Ethanol Causing Pollution of Our Streams
The “secret, dirty cost” supposedly caused by this policy is that acres of prairie and marginal farmland have been tilled up and planted to corn, allegedly increasing water pollution from chemicals and fertilizer.

From huffingtonpost.com:
How to Thrive in a Hotter Los Angeles
By 2050, it is estimated that 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities and face the same urban environmental concerns currently present in the L.A. region.

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