Pollution News week ending May 18th 2014

All the news and views that caught our attention this week:

From fastcoexist.com:
Air Pollution Is Lowering IQs & Earning Potential of New York Children
The city could improve education programs all they want, but kids who are most exposed to dangerous air pollution are starting from behind already and will earn less in their lifetimes.

From grist.org:
Another big EPA court victory — this time on soot pollution
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that the EPA acted properly in 2012 when it further restricted allowable soot emissions.

From phys.org:
US consumption linked to global distribution of wealth and pollution
A new interdisciplinary study by University of Maryland researchers illustrates how countries with the greatest amounts of global wealth and highest consumption rates, led by the United States, are responsible for the greatest shares of global pollution.

From phys.org:
Dangerous nitrogen pollution could be halved
The most important fertilizer for producing food is, at the same time, one of the most important risks for human health: nitrogen.

From desmoblog.com:
Pressure Grows on EPA to Regulate Toxic Air Pollution from Oil and Gas Industry
64 environmental groups, representing over 1 million members and supporters, submitted a legal petition to the Environmental Protection Agency, calling on the federal government to more closely regulate toxic air pollution from oil and gas drilling sites.

From phys.org:
Canada’s water: A paradox of pollution and waste
In Canada, a country with vast reserves of freshwater, the precious resource should reasonably be expected to be pristine and practically free to consumers. The abundance, unfortunately, has led to overconsumption, waste and sometimes mediocre quality.

From qz.com:
Beijing just handed out the city’s largest-ever fine for air pollution—to a US Joint Venture
Beijing city authorities announced their biggest fine yet today, a 300,000 yuan ($48,092) penalty for boiler maker Babcock & Wilcox Beijing.

From ilovechile.cl:
Chile Puts Price on Pollution with Carbon Tax
Chile is set to become the first South American country to start charging those who produce more greenhouse gases with a new carbon tax.

China to build new hi-tech power network to help fight pollution
China will build the world’s largest high-power electricity transmission network as part of the country’s efforts to battle smog and pollution.

From rappler.com:
Water pollution a rising threat in Coron
Even a paradise like Coron Island is not beyond the clutches of pollution.

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