Pollution News week ending March 23rd 2014

The articles and blog posts fromaround our polluted world we found ourselves reading this week:

From desmoblog.com:
Fracking California’s Coast: Billions of Gallons of Fracking Pollution …
If an energy company accidentally spilled 9 billion gallons of toxic waste into the ocean, the media, the public, and the government would be all over the situation. 

From globalvoicesonline.org:
Riau Forest Fire Triggers Worst Indonesia Haze Pollution
Air pollution has worsened most especially in Riau, regarded as the ‘ground zero’ of the haze disaster. More than 33,300 residents of Riau have already suffered acute respiratory tract infection because of the haze. 

Fom phys.org:
The world’s most polluted cities
On March 17, 2014 Paris resorted to drastic measures to curb soaring pollution levels by forcing all cars with number plates ending in even numbers off the road.

From theguardian.com:
Chinese smog insurance: travel agency offers air pollution policies
China’s largest online travel agency has launched a ‘haze-travel insurance package’, allowing tourists to claim compensation for days ruined by pollution.

From phys.org:
Pollution muddies Rio 2016 waters
Waters polluted by sewage off the coast of Rio remain a concern for organisers of the 2016 Olympics, but the International Olympic Committee insisted Friday that the sea will be safe for competition.

From theguardian.com:
Why licence plate bans don’t cut smog
Car bans such as the one earlier this week in Paris can even make air pollution worse in the long term, analysis shows.

From greenbiz.com:
How companies can clear up myths about indoor air pollution
The EPA’s home indoor air certification program, Indoor airPLUS, says most indoor air pollution comes from sources inside buildings – such as adhesives, carpeting and cleaning agents that may emit VOCs

From ted.com:
Dianna Cohen: Tough truths about plastic pollution
Artist Dianna Cohen shares some tough truths about plastic pollution in the ocean and in our lives — and some thoughts on how to free ourselves from the plastic gyre.

From scientificamerican.com:
Pollution Spikes Send Europe Scrambling for Emission Controls
After a week of escalating actions to try to curb a pollution crisis, culminating with a temporary ban Monday of nearly half the city’s cars, Paris is again breathing easy.

From grist.org:
White House to crack down on methane pollution
In his big climate plan released last June, President Obama promised new rules to reduce methane leakage during the production and transport of natural gas. 


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