Pollution News week ending March 1st 2015

All of the blogs and news items we read this week:

From theblaze.com:
India’s Air Pollution Death Toll: More Than 1 Billion Years of Life
New research estimates India’s air pollution is cutting 660 million lives short by three years on average. The study published Saturday in the Economic & Political Weekly highlights the extensiveness of India’s air problems.

From grist.org:
Care about global climate change? Then fight local air pollution
The dirty fuels that cause particulate pollution are the same dirty fuels that cause global warming — another great reason to crack down on them.

From theguardian.com:
Corals face ‘slow starvation’ from ingesting plastics pollution
Corals such as those found on the Great Barrier Reef consume ‘microplastics’ in the sea at the same rate as their normal food but cannot expel the fragments.

From onegreenplanet.org:
700 Marine Species Might Go Extinct Because of Plastic
While we might understand that plastic pollution in the world’s oceans is not a good thing, we are only just beginning to realize the impact that plastics have on marine ecosystems.

From oilprice.com:
Duke Energy Facing $102.2 Million Pollution Charge
Duke Energy Corp. has been charged with nine criminal misdemeanors for polluting the Dan River in North Carolina with coal ash from one of its retired power plants.

From greenbiz.com:
Natural gas boom spurs US chemical industry — and pollution
Concern is rising that new facilities will bring further harm to U.S. industrialized regions already bearing a heavy pollution burden.

From geek.com:
Stanford’s cheap nanomaterial filter could solve the air pollution problem
The rapidly increasing industrialization in many parts of the world comes with economic benefits, but also serious long-term health and environmental consequences..

From usatoday.com:
Sailing venue for Rio Olympics still filled with sewage, environmentalists say
With the Olympics just 18 months away, government officials in Rio de Janeiro are under heavy pressure to show progress is being made in cleaning up the city’s polluted Guanabara Bay.

From latimes.com:
Californians must show their resolve on plastic-bag ban
Reducing air pollution, conserving water, combating climate change and preserving open space all require sacrifice, and in many cases they also require battles with entrenched industries whose interests are at odds with environmental goals.

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