Pollution News week ending March 16th 2014

Some of the articles and blog posts we found ourselves reading this week:

From rtcc.org:
India pollution linked to Himalaya glacier melt
The increasing air pollution in India’s cities – particularly those in the northern parts of the country – also has an impact on the rate of glacier melt.

From rawstory.com:
Africa on pace to cause half of the world’s particle pollution by 2030
With its exploding urban population burning ever more coal and wood, Africa could contribute as much as 55 percent of the world’s particle pollutants by 2030.

From fastcoexist.com:
Livestrong Wristbands Are Good For Something Else: Measuring Exposure to Pollution
Those ubiquitous silicone bracelets are actually useful to scientists measuring chemical pollution.

From commondreams.com:
New Weapon in Fight Against Pollution: ‘Toxic Threat Strike Team
Los Angeles County votes to create ‘strike team’ to tackle public health threats it says the state’s been too slow to act on.

From rawstory.com:
Paris makes public transport free to tackle severe pollution
Paris authorities said Thursday they would make public transport free for three days to encourage drivers to leave their vehicles behind due to severe pollution caused by unusually warm weather and lack of wind.

From londonist.com:
London Air Pollution At Highest Level
London is currently experiencing ‘very high’ air pollution levels, reaching ’10′ on the government’s score of 1-10. This episode of air pollution is primarily down to particulates blown in from the European continent

From phys.org:
Cold nights, warm days trigger pollution alerts across France
Nearly a third of the 22 regions in mainland France on Wednesday were on a maximum pollution alert including a swathe of the country’s north, centre-east and the Paris region.

From phys.org:
Japan’s Panasonic to give China expats ‘pollution pay’
Japanese electronics giant Panasonic said Thursday it would give employees sent to China a wage premium to compensate for the country’s hazardous air pollution, in a possible first for an international company.

From desmogblog.com:
Columbia River Coal Pollution Lawsuit Against BNSF Railway
Riverkeepers say BNSF trains are spilling coal into the Columbia River while en route to the coal-fired power plant in Centralia, Wash., and Canadian ports for export.

From thebeijinger.com:
Diamond Mining in Pollution
A plan would make use of pollution by compressing the smog’s carbon until those grubby particles turn to dazzling diamonds (which could, in turn, fund the process in other parks).


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