Pollution News week ending June 28th 2015

The blog posts and news items we’ve been reading this week:

From well.blogs.nytimes.com:
Pollution May Age the Brain
Exposure to air pollution may hasten brain aging, a new study has found. Researchers studied 1,403 women without dementia who were initially enrolled in a large health study from 1996 to 1998.

From trashisfortossers.com:
Trash is for Tossers: My Firsthand Look at Plastic Pollution
When I left my apartment on June 1st headed for Miami to embark on an expedition to study ocean plastics in the Atlantic Gyre with 5 Gyres I thought I would be spending a week focusing on the massive plastic pollution.

From digital.vpr.net:
Sanctioned Pollution: Why Regulators Allow Sewage
From May 30 into June 1, more than a million gallons of sewage and stormwater from the Vergennes sewer system flowed untreated from a pump station into Otter Creek.

From futurity.org:
Air pollution may shrink brain’s white matter
Exposure to air pollution may have a negative impact on how the brain’s white matter ages. Older women who lived in geographic locations with higher levels of fine particulate matter in ambient air had significantly smaller white matter areas.

From theguardian.com:
Chevron hits out at British documentary on oil pollution
The US oil giant Chevron has attacked the British makers of a short art-house documentary film about oil pollution in the Ecuadorean Amazon featuring the actor Julie Christie reading a Pablo Neruda poem for ignoring the ignoring the environmental record of the country’s own state oil producer.

From motherjones.com:
The Terrifying Truth About Air Pollution and Dementia
“We should get out of here,” says air pollution chemist Eben Cross. At 7 a.m. on this cold November day the wind blows steadily through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Cambridge campus, Cross isn’t afraid of the cold. He worries about the air we’re breathing

From theguardian.com:
Child health fears at the most polluted spot in the world’s most polluted city
Delhi’s appalling pollution has prompted fears that millions of youngsters will suffer serious health problems later in life.

From ktla.com:
Pollution at Swimming Holes in Santa Monica Mountains
A new study from environmental advocacy group Heal the Bay found poor water quality at several popular freshwater swimming spots in the Santa Monica Mountains.

From treehugger.com:
“Washed Up” gathers ocean pollution to create Environmental Art
Everyday, plastic pollution from around the world washes up on the beaches of Sian Ka’an, Mexico’s largest federally-protected reserve. These materials inspired Durán to create a series of environmental art pieces, which he documents with photos and video.

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