Pollution News week ending June 23rd 2013

Environmental and pollution news and articles that caught our eye this last week and yes the pollution problem in Singapore have dominated!:

From Scientific American Mon 17 Jun 2013:
Rich Chinese Export Pollution to Poorer Regions
Limiting pollution in China’s richer provinces has shifted polluting facilities to less prosperous areas with fewer rules.

From Oregon Live Tue 18 Jun 2013:
Heavy pollution linked to risk of autism, study shows
Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found that diesel, mercury, lead, manganese and methylene chloride in the air significantly increased the risk of having a child with autism.

From phys.org Wed 19 Jun 2013:
Study finds urban trees removing fine particulate air pollution
Fine particulate air pollution has serious health effects. In a study recently published it is shown that urban trees are actually saaving lives

From Sci-news.com Thu 20 Jun 2013:
Scientists Find Oldest Evidence of Human-Derived Lead Pollution
Humans began contributing to environmental lead pollution as early as 8000 years ago, according to University of Pittsburgh researchers.

From Phys.org Thu 20 Jun 2013:
Air pollution becomes Asia’s migraine – Science News
Air pollution has become a curse for millions of city-dwellers in Asia, posing a mounting risk to the very young and very old, pregnant women and people with heart and respiratory problems, say experts.

From The Times Thu 20 Jun 2013:
Pollution in Singapore reaches dangerous highs
Singapore urges Indonesia to take action as illegal burn-offs on Sumatran palm oil plantations cause dangerously high smog levels.

From QZ.om Thu 20 Jun 2013:
This is what Singapore’s record-high pollution looked like today
Pollution in Singapore, the sanitized city-state best known for its ban against chewing gum and littering, hit historic levels today.

From Treehugger.com Fri 21 Jun 2013:
Indonesia to Singapore: Life-threatening pollution isn’t a big deal
Indonesia yesterday accused Singapore of acting “like a child” over choking smog from forest fires in Sumatra that has triggered the city-state’s worst environmental crisis in more than a decade.

From Care2.com Fri Jun 2013:
8 Ways to Protect Your Home From Air Pollution
looking at ways to reduce indoor pollution.

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