Pollution News week ending June 22nd 2014

All the news and blog articles we’ve been reading this week:

From blogs.edf.org:
The cheapest way to cut climate pollution? Energy efficiency
For the first time in history, the government proposed limits on the amount of carbon pollution American fossil-fueled power plants are allowed to spew into the atmosphere.

From scientificamerican.com:
Poisoned Poor Killed in Millions by Pollution
Tack on fouled water and poisoning by toxic waste and pollution killed 8.4 million people in 2012—or nearly three times as many people as those three diseases. Combined.

From progressillinois.com:
Report: 6 Million Pounds Of Toxic Industrial Pollution Discharged
The “Wasting Our Waterways” report ranks Illinois as the 13th worst U.S. state for the total volume of toxic industrial releases to waterways.

From scmp.com:
Drivers of dirty vehicles face losing licences
Hong Kong’s roadside air pollution is unique in that excessive emission of nitrogen oxides from vehicles could react with the regional ozone pollution and lead to a high concentration of nitrogen dioxide.

From daily.sightline.org:
We’re Ready to Cut Climate Pollution
Results hot off the presses from a Wall Street Journal / NBC poll show promising climate attitudes among American voters, most notably, solid support for the new Environmental Protection Agency proposal to limit carbon pollution.

From cleantechnica.com:
EU Air Pollution Limits Exceeded By 11 Member States During 2012
A significant number of notable EU member states exceeded air pollution limits in 2012, the European Environment Agency (EEA) recently revealed.

From fuelfix.com:
Oil companies sued for MTBE pollution in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania on Thursday sued a long list of oil companies over the groundwater pollution caused by leaks and spills of gasoline containing the additive MTBE.

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