Pollution News week ending June 21st 2015

The blog posts and news articles we’ve been reading this week:

From theverge.com:
Projecting crying babies onto pollution is a great way to sell air purifiers
A Chinese firm that sells air purifiers has decided to highlight the dangers of pollution by projecting images of crying children onto clouds of smoke emerging from factory towers.

From naturalnews.com:
Industrial heavy metal pollution is threatening the ecosystem
Earthworms in New England forests are absorbing heavy metal pollution, thereby poisoning the animals that feed on them, according to a new study.

From sputniknews.com:
Texas Fracking Region Shows ‘Incredibly Alarming’ Levels …
“When you find a BTEX compound with a chlorinated compound with an anti-corrosive agent all in the same water well, it’s pretty shocking evidence that there’s been a problem,” said Hildenbrand. The only industry that uses all of those simultaneously is the oil and gas industry.

From grist.org:
Air pollution in China and India may be worse than we …
Already, Asian nations led by India and China account for 72 percent of the total 3.7 million annual deaths from outdoor air pollution – more than AIDS and malaria combined.

From newslaundry.com:
Concrete Steps, Not Fear Mongering
Delhi is polluted. Most Indian cities are, but Delhi probably trumps them all. Its 25 million residents are by now habituated to all forms of pollution – land, water, food, and air.

From tribune.com.pk:
Air pollution may damage brain
Older women who lived in places with higher air pollution had significantly reduced white matter in the brain.

From offthekuff.com:
Abbott signs pollution enhancement bill
Gov. Greg Abbott has signed legislation that could make it tougher for local governments to sue big-time polluters – an effort that largely targets Harris County prosecutors.

From energylivenews.com:
Surfers ‘at risk from increased pollution’
Surfers in the UK could be at risk as a result of increased pollution incidents. That’s according to Andy Cummins, the Campaign Director for ‘Surfers Against Sewage.

From news.health.com:
Ancient Teeth Show Signs of Indoor Air Pollution
Tartar from 400,000-year-old human teeth reveals the earliest evidence of man-made air pollution, according to a new study.

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