Pollution News week ending June 1st 2014

All the blog posts and news items that caught our eye this week:

From edf.org:
A Stronger America: Cutting Carbon Pollution from Power Plants
America’s fleet of fossil fueled power plants is the single largest source of carbon pollution in the U.S. and one of the largest in the world.

From motherjones.com:
New Video: Neil deGrasse Tyson Destroys Climate Deniers
Neil deGrasse Tyson gives some powerful refutations of a number of other global warming denier talking points, as well as some ingenious sequences that explain the planetary-scale significance of climate change.

From scientificamerican.com:
Millions of Cars to Be Scrapped in Anti-pollution Push
Pollution has emerged as an urgent priority for China’s leaders as they try to reverse the damage done by decades of breakneck growth and head off public anger about the sorry state of the nation’s air, water and soil.

From thediplomat.com:
China’s Water Pollution Mire
Despite all the focus on air pollution, the contamination of China’s water is at least as serious.

From phys.org:
Heavy airplane traffic potentially a major contributor to pollution
Congested freeways crawling with cars and trucks are notorious for causing smog in Los Angeles, but a new study finds that heavy airplane traffic can contribute even more pollution.

From environmentalleader.com:
Big Dairies Raise Pollution Concerns
As the consolidation of the US dairy industry into fewer and fewer, larger operations continues apace, fresh opposition is also growing in response to the increased pollution risk associated with bigger dairy farms.

From wattsupwiththat.com:
Oops! ‘Dieselification’ of London due to CO2 regulations
London’s Dirty Secret: Pollution Worse Than Beijing’s. European Union efforts to fight climate change favored diesel fuel over gasoline but there’s a problem.

From pskf.com:
Self-Cleaning Ceramic Tile Turns Pollution Into Mineral Salts
Elements inspired by nature helps fight toxins and bacteria.

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