Pollution News week ending June 15th 2014

All the pollution news and views we’ve been reading this week:

From goodnewsnetwork.org:
Smog-busting Roof Tiles Could Clean Tons of Pollution
University of California researchers at Riverside say they have demonstrated an inexpensive roof coating that gobbles up smog-forming pollutants and, if widely adopted, could clean tons of air pollution each day.

From fao.org:
Fisheries: Urgent action needed on overfishing, pollution
FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva opened a meeting of the world’s only inter-governmental forum on fisheries and aquaculture issues, calling for urgent action to address climate change and other threats.

From sinosphere.blogs.nytimes.com:
Finally, a Pollution Index Beijing Can Love
A new survey seeks to gauge how open officials are about levels of pollution at the sources of the problem.

From foreignaffairs.com:
Pollution Without Revolution
On a smoggy day this past February, Chinese President Xi Jinping did a remarkable thing: he went for a stroll outside without the face mask that Beijingers often don to protect themselves against the capital’s air pollution.

From rawstory.com:
Australia says pollution falling at Great Barrier Reef
Australia on Thursday said it was confident the Great Barrier Reef would avoid a World Heritage downgrade after a new report card showed pollutants entering the water had been significantly reduced.

From phys.org:
New research shows Western Amazon under threat from oil pollution
A new study of pollution records indicates that the Western Amazon, an area of unparalleled biological and cultural diversity, may have been contaminated by widespread oil pollution over a 30-year period.

From environmentalleader.com:
Wide-Spread Waterless Dyeing Could Cut Pollution
If adopted on a wide scale, waterless dyeing technologies from companies including AirDye, ColorZen and DyeCoo could drastically reduce pollution from the clothing industry, reports Yale 360.

From boingboing.net:
Plastic pollution in oceans can’t be solved with a gadget
These plans meet with great acclaim … from everybody except the people who know the most about garbage patches and plastic pollution.

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