Pollution News week ending June 14th 2015

The news snippets, articles and blog posts we read this week:

From rt.com:
​’Bees with Alzheimer’s?’ Aluminium pollution linked to dementia in bees
The decline in the bee population could be caused by the insect’s high contamination of aluminum, a chemical element implicated as a factor in Alzheimer’s disease in humans, a new study has found.

From ewg.org:
Farm Nitrogen Pollution Damage Estimated at $157 Billion
The authors calculate that the cost in human and environmental health problems caused by nitrogen pollution from agriculture is more than twice the $76.7 billion total value of corn produced for grain in the U.S. in 2011.

From vox.com:
Here’s what Obama’s big carbon pollution plan would mean
Contrary to the usual opposition voice, it should set everyone’s mind at ease that, according to a new study, the CPP will yield a small net gain in employment.

From rawstory.com:
Pope wrong on climate change because God never said
Catholic League president: Pope wrong on climate change because God never said ‘air pollution is intrinsically evil’.

From io9.com:
Here’s How Trees Can Be Sources Of Pollution
We know the drill. Cities are gray pollution farms and forests are verdant planetary saviors. We also know it’s more complicated than that. Here’s an interesting way a seemingly “green” forest can be a source of pollution!

From phys.org:
Pollution worries hang over Chile’s Copa America
As South America’s football heroes jet into Chile for the Copa America, a dark cloud is hanging over two host cities where air pollution alerts are worrying organizers and fans.

From auburn-reporter.com:
Noise pollution, a widely underestimated health hazard
Some experts have called noise pollution “a modern plague” because it’s ubiquitous and nearly impossible to escape.

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