Pollution News week ending July 21st 2013

Some of the posts and articles we found ourselves reading this week:

From OurWorld Mon 15 July 2013:
Vanity, pollution and death on Mt. Everest…
Cultural anthropologist Pablo Figueroa looks at the ecologically unsustainable situation on Earth's highest peak.

From Conservation.org Tue 16 July 2013:
Reducing Global Plastic Use Is Key to Fight Ocean Pollution
Exploring the vital connections between nature's well-being and our own.

From Care2.com Wed 17 Jul 2013:
16 Dangerous Sources of Indoor Air Pollution
Breathing polluted air can make you sick, increasing any health problems in your life…

From DiscoverMagazine.com Wed, 17 Jul 2013:
Air Pollution Kills More Than 2 Million People Every Year…
This animation of two images captured by NASA's Terra satellite shows the impact of different weather conditions on air quality over Beijing

From Minnpost.com Thu 18 Jul 2013:
Minnesota must address agricultural pollution of our waters
Last fall, I had to give a presentation on water quality in my state as part of my environmental policy…

From CBS Pittsburgh Thu 18 Jul 2013:
New Study To Look At Air Pollution, Severe Asthma Attacks…
If you suffer from severe asthma attacks, a group of local doctors wants to hear from you.

From the South China Morning Post Thu 18 Jul 2013:
China asks EU for aid in curbing pollution
China has asked the European Union to help it tackle some of its most severe pollution problems…

From GlobalNews.ca Fri 19 Jul 2013:
EU official: China can curb pollution still grow?
The past three decades have seen breakneck economic growth in China but little official concern about the effect on the country's air, water and soil.

From Ecowatch.com Fri 19 Jul 2013:
Youngstown Pushes for Protections From Fracking, Earthquakes…
We focus on the issues of water, air, food, energy and biodiversity, promoting the work of more than 1000 grassroots environmental organizations and activists worldwide…

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