Pollution News week ending January 26th 2014

All the news and views that caught our attention this week:

From mongolnews.mn:
Maternal nurses say congenital defects on the rise due to air pollution
Nurses at Ulaanbaatar’s leading maternity hospital hold air pollution responsible for a dramatic rise in the number of pregnant women giving birth to babies with brain damage and significant birth defects.

From tamu.edu:
Asian Air Pollution Affecting World’s Weather
Extreme air pollution in Asia is affecting the world’s weather and climate patterns, according to a study by Texas A&M University and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory researchers.

From seekingalpha.com:
5 Pollution Treatment Stocks To Clean Up Your Portfolio
Investors looking for long-term growth exposure should look no further than pollution treatment stocks. One thing is for certain, humans will never stop.

From theguardian.com:
Are you opposed to fracking? Then you might just be a terrorist!
From North America to Europe, the ‘national security’ apparatus is being bought off by Big Oil to rout peaceful activism.

From businessinsider.com:
China Pollution Is Blanketing America’s West Coast
We’ve outsourced our manufacturing and much of our pollution, but some of it is blowing back across the Pacific to haunt us.

From phys.org:
First infrared satellite monitoring of peak pollution episodes in China
Plumes of several anthropogenic pollutants (especially particulate matter and carbon monoxide) located near ground level over China have for the first time been detected from space. 

From grist.org:
Sochi Olympics are bad for environment and locals alike 
The countdown to the 2014 Winter Games has come with plenty of bad news, including ecological destruction and harassment of environmental activists.

From guardianlv.com:
Air Pollution Worsens In California and Southwest
Unusually dry weather across California and the Southwest is being blamed for the sooty haze that has worsened the existing air pollution in the region. 

From ewg.org:
Californians at Risk of Fracking Pollution Because of New Fracking
Along with this rush have come troubling reports of poisoned drinking water, polluted air, mysterious animal deaths, industrial disasters, earthquakes and explosions.


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