Pollution News week ending Febuary 1st 2015

All the news and blog posts we found ourselves reading this week:

From washingtonpost.com:
As Obama visits, what Delhi’s air pollution says about India and climate change
The president and Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the two countries would work to battle pollution in India’s cities by implementing the Environmental Protection Agency’s international air quality forecasting system AIRNow.

From greenpeaceblogs.org:
Breakthrough for Ocean Lovers – UN takes landmark step towards biodiversity agreement
We now have a golden opportunity to set global standards for oceans protection and integrate the patchwork of ocean organisations, enhancing cooperation between those regulating fishing, mining, shipping, and pollution.

From theenergycollective.com:
West Coast and Fuel Choice Alternatives
If the Pacific Coast is to help diversify its energy mix, move to renewables, and protect public health and our climate, it will need to continue taking bold steps including rejecting the oil industry’s efforts to stop climate policies from being adopted.

From theguardian.com:
Fifty miles out we could smell the pollution
Justin Chisholm asks the sailors racing around the world about the state of the seas.

From zmescience.com:
Pollution Sparks Beautiful Blue Plankton Glow in Hong Kong
The harbor in Hong Kong sparkled with an eerie blue glow, creating a surprising and beautiful picture. But few people know that the cause of this lovely landscape is actually pollution – pig manure, fertiliser and sewage.

From onegreenplanet.org:
10 Shocking Facts On Factory Farms and Water Pollution
One of the most notable ways that factory farming impacts the environment comes in the form of water pollution.

From scpr.org:
New rules aim to reduce sulfur pollution from ships by 40 tons a day
Officials with the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles said on Wednesday they were expecting significant reductions in sulfur pollution spewed by cargo ships given restrictions that took effect this month.

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