Pollution News week ending February 2nd 2014

All the blog posts and articles we found ourselves reading this week:

From nytimes.com:
India and China, Besieged by Air Pollution
India’s air pollution is often worse than the levels recorded in China, but in China there’s much more awareness of the problem.

From earthtechling.com:
Electric Cars And Their Relationship To Pollution
A new study from North Carolina State purportedly shows that electric vehicles won’t reduce pollution in the long term. 

From theenergycollective.com:
Carbon Pollution and Various Costs
$40 is the cost per ton of carbon dioxide pollution emitted today, and represents the financial impacts of everything climate change wreaks.

From co.za:
Data centres main culprit in IT carbon pollution
Badly designed, poorly laid out and under pressure – the data centre is on the verge of becoming the environmental bad boy, writes Andrew Oldfield.

From theenergycollective.com:
Coal and Pollution Problems
A New York Times article recently highlighted the increasing concerns major corporations are having about the growing threat of climate change to their bottom line.

From scsun-news.com:
Environmentalists fear ground water pollution
The Copper Rules was passed last year to amend the Water Quality Control Act of 1977, which prohibits groundwater pollution beyond water quality standards.

From theamericanscholar.org:
Plastic Pollution – Josie Glausiusz
Regular readers of this column may recall that I’ve written about the topic of microplastic marine pollution before… 

From grist.org:
“My Dirty Stream”: Pete Seeger’s anti-pollution legacy
The Hudson is much cleaner now than it was when Pete Seeger started sailing on it, and that’s a story that should stick with us.

From sltrib.com:
Is Utah’s air pollution a moral issue? Faith leaders sound off
The state’s murky, polluted air — exacerbated by wintertime inversions — has affected the health and well-being of nearly all Utahns, and they’re worried.

From naturalnews.com:
Sea ice cracks cause mercury to accumulate in Arctic environment
An investigation into Arctic sea ice and how it reacts with the sun to draw in mercury and other toxins from the atmosphere has uncovered some alarming truths about the true accumulation of heavy metals.

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