Pollution News week ending February 23rd 2014

The blog posts and articles we found ourselves reading this week:

From medicalxpress.com:
Urban air pollution exposure may trigger toxic responses in brain cells
From diesel exhaust to gaseous pollutants and suspended particulate matter, such as dust, smoke and fumes, air pollution from transportation, industry and energy generation has taken a toll

From nextnature.net:
Plastic Pollution Solution
It seemed an impossible challenge to clean the ocean from plastic pollution, until now. Dutch Technology student Boyan Slat says he may have found a way to remove disposed from seawater.

From slaw.ca:
When should the Polluter Pay for pollution that was legal at the time
In a landmark lead paint liability case, the Superior Court of California has held three of five paint companies liable for public nuisance. The court ordered them to clean up lead paint in Ca.

From globalnews.ca:
Federal government doubles funding for aerial water pollution monitoring
The federal government has announced it will nearly double the funding to monitor and detect pollution from ships in Canadian waters.

From singaporelawwatch.sg:
Govt proposes law to fight transboundary haze pollution
The government is proposing to introduce a draft law which would allow the prosecution of Singapore and foreign entities that cause or contribute to recurrent transboundary haze pollution.

From losangeles.cbslocal.com:
Study: Prenatal Exposure To Air Pollution May Reduce Newborns Skull Sizes
Pregnant women living near freeways or other places with high concentrations of air pollution may be at greater risk of delivering a baby with a smaller head, according to researchers at UCLA.

From washingtonexaminer.com:
Obama: Truckers cause more pollution
President Obama highlighted heavy-duty American trucks as a source for pollution in America, highlighting his executive order to improve fuel efficiency for the vehicles. 

From rt.com:
Beijing raises pollution alert to orange for first time
Beijing raises pollution alert to orange for first time as heavy smog blankets capital.

From bristol247.com:
Europe moves to fine UK over city air pollution
The UK is facing fines of up to £300million a year over its failure to cut air pollution in cities including Bristol caused by vehicle emissions.

From phys.org:
Bulgaria chokes on air pollution fuelled by poverty
The smokestacks of Kremikovtzi steel mill on Sofia’s outskirts may have shut down years ago, but ancient cars ensure that Bulgaria’s capital is still the most polluted in Europe.

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