Pollution News week ending December 22nd 2013

The articles from around the world that caught our eye this week:

From legal-planet.org:
Why Pollution Regulations Aren’t Taxes
Opponents of regulation like to equate regulation and taxes. But they are making a fundamental mistake.

From foreignpolicy.com:
China’s Pollution Revolution
Many of us have nostalgic memories of waking up on winter mornings to welcome news of a snow day, allowing us to skip school, now China gets smog days.

From rt.com:
EU to tackle lethal air pollution
The European Commission has put forward a raft of measures to tackle air pollution, which is linked to over 400000 premature deaths in Europe each year and potentially costs society hundreds of billions of euros a year.

From wsj.com:
5 Things to Know About Delhi’s Air Pollution
New Delhi has been engulfed in a dense blanket of smog- a mix of fog, car exhaust and manufacturing soot – in recent days.

From phys.org:
Greek economic crisis leads to air pollution crisis
In the midst of a winter cold snap, a study from researchers in the United States and Greece reveals an overlooked side effect of economic crisis – dangerous air quality caused by burning cheaper fuel for warmth.

From autoblog.com:
Higher ethanol blends create health, safetly risks, says Big Oil-funded study
Blending more ethanol into fuel to cut air pollution from vehicles carries a hidden risk that toxic or even explosive gases may find their way into buildings.

From theenergycollective.com:
Clean Water Act and Regulation Changes
A couple dozen scientists in a hotel conference room in downtown Washington could have a real impact on pollution in your drinking water source.

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