Pollution News week ending August 4th 2013

The news and developments that caught our eye this week:

From theworld.org Mon 29 Jul:
Chinese Citizens Lead Fight to Curb Air Pollution
China’s government was long indifferent to the environment as it pursued economic development. But citizens are now keeping track of the smog with smart phones...

From dw.de Mon 29 Jul:
China to ‘get tough’ on air pollution
China recently unveiled a massive plan to tackle air pollution, a source of growing social discontent. The move highlights how the issue has become a priority for Beijing. But experts say more radical changes are needed.

From sciencemediacentre.co.nz Tue 30 Jul:
Car occupants exposed to more pollution than cyclists
Researchers measured traffic pollution whilst travelling via different transport modes in Auckland and Christchurch. Their latest results, published in the journal Environmental Pollution, are surprising…

From grist.org Tue 30 Jul:
Leaked EPA document raises questions about fracking pollution
The EPA doesn’t seem very interested in finding out whether fracking pollutes groundwater, according to a report in the L.A. Times.

From huffingtonpost.com Wed 31 Jul:
Tiny Plastic Beads Are Latest Pollution Threat To The Great Lakes
Tiny plastic beads from beauty products are showing up in North America’s Great Lakes, and an environmental group is calling upon companies to stop using the plastic particles.

From phys.org Thu 01 Aug:
Airborne campaign preparing to probe pollution-climate link
The floor of a NASA hangar and an adjacent laboratory in Southern California’s high desert have been in constant motion this month as scientists prepare their instruments for installation on two of the agency’s 

From treehugger.com Fri 02 Aug:
Activists Raise Awareness of Toxic Coal Pollution in Our Waterways
New report shows shocking amounts of coal pollution in U.S. waterways.

From ecowatch.com Fri 02 Aug:
5 Gyres Institute Sets Sail to Study Plastic Pollution in Lake Michigan
Today, a team from 5 Gyres Institute launched an unprecedented expedition to quantify and report on the extent of plastic pollution in Lake Michigan. 

From rabble.ca Fri 02 Aug:
Live music and development: A double standard of noise pollution
Noise pollution caused by the rapid development of condominiums dominates Vancouver’s soundscape, while the relatively minor sound intrusions of live music is

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