Pollution News week ending August 31st 2014

All of the blog posts and articles that caught our attention this week:

From switchboard.nrdc.org:
A Water Bond to Protect the Environment and the Economy
Virtually all of California – 99.8 percent – is in severe drought. The toxic blue-green algae that shut down Toledo’s drinking water supply earlier this month is thriving in Stockton’s waterways, thanks to warm, stagnant water and low river flows.

From theguardian.com:
Unpacking unpaused global warming – climate models got it right
Although the global climate has continued to build up heat at an incredibly rapid rate, there has been a keen focus among climate contrarians and in the media on the slowdown of the warming at the Earth’s surface.

From rivieratimes.com:
Marine wildlife in Port Cros under threat from pollution
In Port Cros National Park, in the Var, huge numbers of boats mooring in the peak summer season are disrupting the balance of the marine environments, raising the question of whether a more ecological mooring system should be put in place.

From scienceblog.com:
Trash burning worldwide significantly worsens air pollution
Unregulated trash burning around the globe is pumping far more pollution into the atmosphere than shown by official records, emitting gases and particles that can substantially affect human health and climate change.

From summitcountyvoice.com:
New California fracking report leads to more concerns
Report raises grave concerns about fracking pollution’s threat to California’s air and water, but it also highlights the fact that government officials have never collected the data needed to determine the extent of the damage.

From theguardian.com:
We need to call out Abbott’s climate nihilism
Abbott still vacillates between repeating denialist talking points and more moderate statements accepting the reality of climate change.

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