Pollution News week ending August 25th 2013

Some of the news items and articles that caught our eye this week:

From firstthings.com  Mon 19 Aug:
Pollution: Like the Holocaust, In a Way
Like the Holocaust, In a Way. Mark Tooley discusses an Anglican priest who has decided that it’s perfectly appropriate to compare environmental issues to the holocaust.

From nbcchicago.com Tue 20 Aug:
EPA Issues Another Air Pollution Action Day
The Illinois Partners for Clean Air and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency extended the Air Pollution Action Day through midnight Wednesday, covering 10 Illinois counties. 

From epa.gov Tue 20 Aug:
EPA Proposes Plan to Clean Up Chemical Pollution in NJ
EPA Proposes Plan to Clean Up Chemical Pollution in Wall Township, Manasquan Borough and Sea Girt, New Jersey

From tgdaily.com Tue 20 Aug:
NASA links urban population with air pollution
Live in a large city like New York, London, Beijing or Mumbai, and you are likely exposed to more air pollution than people in smaller cities in surrounding areas.

From businessinsider.com Tue 20 Aug:
China Pollution Business Opportunity
China is set to launch a program to tackle its air pollution problem. And this represents a massive business opportunity.

From wbgo.org Wed 21 Aug:
New Jersey Meets Key EPA Air Pollution Standards
Chris Salmi, with the New Jersey Division of Air Quality, says there are many sources of air pollution throughout the state, and improving air quality is an ongoing process. 

From kotaku.com Thu 22 Aug:
Crap Air Makes for Fake Tourist Photos in Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s scenic bay is now so polluted that tourists pose for photos with bigger photos as the background!

From vice.com Fri 23 Aug:
Humanity is Getting Very Close to Extinction
Well-respected scientists and journalists have come to some scarily sane-sounding conclusions about the threat human-induced climate change poses to the survival of the human species.


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