Pollution News week ending August 24th 2014

All the articles and posts that we found ourselves reading this week:

From environmentalleader.com:
Carbon Pollution Threatens Fishing Industry
In addition to carbon pollution harming fisheries, plastic waste causes $13 billion in annual financial damage to marine ecosystems, though the actual cost of plastic waste to the overall environment may be much higher.

From tucsonnewsnow.com:
Air pollution change dramatic across parts of Earth
Air pollution impacts health and even contributes to millions of deaths each year. Until now, measuring pollution across the globe has been difficult.

From spokesman.com:
Wood stove maker opposes stricter pollution limits
Proposed federal regulations that would require new wood stoves to burn cleaner are under attack from manufacturers, who say the new pollution limits are too strict.

From theenergycollective.com:
Carbon Pollution Cutting Strategies
Implementing carbon pollution standards could create more than 274,000 new efficiency-related jobs across the nation and 10,000 jobs in Florida alone, according to an NRDC analysis.

From sercblog.si.edu:
Marshes: Pollution Sponges of the Future
What if we could create a giant sponge capable of soaking up nitrogen pollution? It turns out that the Chesapeake Bay, already contains a natural version of this sponge: marshes fringing the Bay.

From motherjones.com:
13 Republican Climate Deniers Who Want to Be President
Pence is an ultra-conservative who does not much care for environmental regulation. He also remains unconvinced that the Earth is warming.

From smartusainsider.com:
British Scientists Use electric drives to Measure Air Pollution
The greenest of smart cars just got even greener. British scientists are using smart electric drives to monitor air pollution levels in London.

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