Pollution News week ending August 18th 2013

Here are some of the articles and blog posts that caught our eye over the last week:

From earthday.org Mon 12 Aug:
Carbon Pollution, Climate Policy, and the Built Environment
In June, President Obama announced his new climate policy, promising to respond to the threat of climate change by implementing an action plan that consists of three key pillars…

From gadling.com Tue 13 Aug:
Should Pollution Stop You From Traveling?
Shubert Ciencia, Flickr Unless you’re traveling in the far backcountry, you’re bound to experience some pollution on the road.

From seattletimes.com Tue 13 Aug:
Air pollution cuts China tourism
China, one of the most visited countries in the world, has seen sharply fewer tourists this year — with worsening air pollution partly to blame. 

From greenbiz.com Tue 13 Aug:
Can voluntary pollution prevention programs make an impact
Last year in Virginia, more than 450 facilities reported impressive environmental and economic performance: a combined savings of over $107 million.

From nationalgeographic.com Wed 14 Aug:
Gyre Expedition Probes Impact of Plastic Pollution on Remote
Earlier this summer, a team of scientists and artists set out along coastal Alaska, to document the impact that plastic pollution is having on remote beaches. 

From theguardian.com Wed 14 Aug:
China to invest in energy saving industries to tackle pollution
China’s State Council announces plans to make green industries central to the economy by 2015.

From theenergycollective Thu 15 Aug:
Carbon Pollution and Air Quality Problems Prevent Plant
News recently broke that Chinese authorities scrapped a huge proposed coal plant over environment and air pollution concerns. 

From phys.org Thu 15 Aug:
Mountaintop mining pollution has distinct chemical signatures
Three elements commonly found at elevated levels in an Appalachian river polluted by runoff from mountaintop coal mining have distinctive chemistries that can be traced back to their source…

From treehugger.com Fri 16 Aug:
Alabama Teen Fights Pollution in her Community
Cece Durden, a 17-year-old from Uniontown, Alabama, fights coal ash pollution in her hometown.

From capitalfm.co.ke Sat 17 Aug:
China plans coordinated pollution control
China is planning a centrally-administered effort to control air pollution by documenting goals and responsibilities of provincial governments and evaluating their progress.


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