Pollution News week ending August 11th 2013

Looking back over the week, here are some of the articles that we found ourselves reading last week:

From bloomberg.com.com Mon 5 Aug:
Foxconn Denies Pollution Accusations Amid Probe in China
Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics, said wastewater from one of its factories in eastern China meets standards

From tampabay.com Mon 5 Aug:
Riverview phosphate plant flunks new air pollution standard
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency just announced that 29 areas of the country flunked its new, tighter standards for a type of air pollution called sulfur dioxide

From gigaom.com Tue 6 Aug:
China scrutinizes 2 Apple suppliers in pollution probe
Questions raised over Apple suppliers emission standards near Shangai

From scienceblog.com Wed 7 Aug:
Air pollution as seen through Californians’ eyes
A majority of Californians say air pollution is a big problem (28%) or somewhat of a problem (34%) in the region where they live.

From gmanetwork.com Thu 8 Aug:
Fil-Am architect’s ‘Living Walls’ breathe and fight pollution
Solving the smelly and unsightly problem of urine-soaked walls and sidewalks in urban areas similar to Metro Manila

From phys.org Fri 9 Aug:
Bird eggs reveal urban pollution
Birds’ eggs show just how serious a problem river pollution remains in the UK’s former industrial heartlands

From ncr-iran.org Fri 9 Aug:
Iran now world’s third most polluted nation
Iran’s air pollution is now the third worst in the world, according to the latest World Health Organization statistics.
From bhaskar.com Sun 11 Aug:
Ahmedabad: Polluted robbing young men of their matrimonial dreams
Forget the falling sex ratio, rampant pollution in villages near Vatva GIDC is robbing young men of their matrimonial dreams




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